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Exness MetaTrader 5 di Indonesia

Exness MT5: A Platform for Trade on PC and Mobile Gadgets

Exness MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a bonzer all-in-one trading platform for newbies and seasoned traders alike. It brings a truckload of tools like detailed charting options, a heap of technical markers, and direct trading straight from the charts. Thanks to its easy-as operation, traders can get around the platform and manage their trades no worries. Plus, MT5 lets folks trade in various spaces like forex, stocks, futures, and CFDs, all in one locale.

Exploring Exness MT5

The Exness MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a ripper of a platform for tradin’ all sorts of financial gizmos like currency pairs, shares, indices, and digital dosh. It’s chockers with bonza features like building your own trading robots and technical indicators using the nifty MetaEditor. Plus, it’s got this clever coding lingo, MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5), for knocking up scripts, robots, and indicators of your own.

MT5’s got a user-friendly layout so you can keep an eye on your trades and make smart choices without a hitch. It shows you the market prices in real-time and lets you place orders quick smart to avoid any mucking about. On top of that, MT5 is packed with a heap of analytical gear to help you crack into the market analysis. This includes all sorts of technical indicators, graphical tools, and a smorgasbord of charting timeframes.

Exness MetaTrader 5

How to start trading with Exness?

Embarking on your Exness trading adventure is as easy as pie. Just follow these dead-set steps to set up your account, familiarise yourself with how things work, and have a burl at your first trade.

Exness Sign Up - Create an account.

Signing Up with Exness

To get started with Exness:

  1. Hit up the legit Exness webpage.
  2. Once you’ve landed on their main screen, have a squizz for the ‘Open Account’ button up in the top-right corner.
  3. Whack in your personal info on the rego form like your full name, email, and mobile number.
  4. Choose a solid password for your account, right?
  5. Have a gander at the terms and conditions, read ’em and tick ’em off.
  6. To finish the rego, click on ‘Open Account.’

You’ll cop a confirmation email quick smart with a link to verify your email addy. Tap on this link to get your account up and running.

Confirm who you are and where you live

After you sign up, you’ll have to prove your identity and where you live. It’s a regular thing called Know Your Customer (KYC) that the bigwigs in finance need to stop dodgy dealings and money laundering.

  1. Log into your Exness account.
  2. Beeline it to the ‘Verification’ area.
  3. Upload a clear pic or a scan of your ID given out by the government (like your passport, driver’s licence, or national ID card).
  4. To prove your address, upload a snap or a scan of a bill or bank statement showing your name and where you shack up.

The checking part can be a quick few hours or a couple of days when they’re flat out.

Choose your trading account type

Exness has a few different trading accounts for all sorts of traders and their experience levels:

  • Standard Cent Account: Ace for newbies, lets you trade with a tiny bit of risk.
  • Standard Account: Good for traders who know their stuff, gives you more bells and whistles.
  • Pro Account: For the serious traders, you get smaller spreads and quicker trades.
  • Zero Account: You don’t pay spreads on the big currency pairs but there’s a fee per trade.

To pick your account type:

  1. Log into your Exness Personal Area.
  2. Go to the ‘Accounts’ part.
  3. Click on ‘Open Trading Account’.
  4. Pick your preferred account from the list.
  5. Choose your base currency.
  6. Set your leverage.
  7. Hit ‘Open Account’.
Exness MT5 Trading Account Types

Make a deposit

Exness deposits and withdrawals.

To get started with trading, you’ve gotta drop some cash into your trading account. Here’s the drill:

  1. Log into your Exness Personal Area.
  2. Head over to the ‘Deposit’ part.
  3. Pick your trading account from the list.
  4. Select how you want to pay (like card, bank transfer, or e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller).
  5. Put in the amount you want to chuck in.
  6. Follow the steps for your chosen payment way.

Your cash will show up in your trading account either straight away or within a few days, depends on how you paid.

Log into Exness MT5

After you’ve sorted your funds, you’ll want to get onto Exness MT5 to get trading:

  1. Fire up the MT5 platform on whatever gadget you’re using.
  2. Look up to the top left corner. You’ll find the ‘File’ thing. Click that.
  3. Drop down to ‘Login to Trade Account’.
  4. You’ll need to put in your Exness account number and the password you picked out.
  5. Pick the right server from the ones listed in the email you got when you signed up. For example, pick ‘Exness-Real’ for actual trading or ‘Exness-Demo’ for practice runs.
  6. Tap the ‘Login’ button.
Masuk ke Exness MT5

Once you’re in, you’ll spot your account balance sitting at the bottom of the platform, ready for action.

Place your first trade

Throwing down an order on MT5 is a piece of cake:

Tempatkan Pesanan MT5 Exness
  1. Choose the trade thing you’re after from the ‘Market Watch’ window.
  2. Right-click and pick ‘New Order’.
  3. In the pop-up ‘Order’ window, decide on the order type (Market Execution or Pending Order).
  4. Chuck in the amount you want to trade (in lots).
  5. Setting up a Pending Order? Set the price for when you want it to kick off.
  6. If you want, put in Stop Loss and Take Profit values (these are the prices where your trade stops to cut losses or to pocket profits).
  7. For Market Execution, hit ‘Sell by Market’ or ‘Buy by Market’; for Pending Orders, press ‘Place’.

Good on ya! You’ve just lobbed your first order with Exness MT5!

Main features of Exness MT5

Exness MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a sophisticated trading platform with a range of features that can enhance your trading experience. Here are some of the key features:

  • MetaEditor Integration: The built-in MetaEditor tool within MT5 allows you to create trading robots and technical indicators. These tools can be easily integrated into the platform, and they can be activated instantly.
  • Advanced MQL5 Programming: MQL5 is a programming language specifically designed for developing trading strategies. With MQL5, you can create scripts, trading bots, and indicators. This language is a more advanced version of MQL4 and offers more features than MQL4.
  • Hedging Capabilities: Exness MT5 allows you to trade using hedging mode. This means that you can hold both long and short positions on the same trading instrument. This can be a useful strategy for mitigating risk.
  • Versatile Charts & Timeframes: MT5 supports a wide range of charts and timeframes. You can view live price data on charts that range from 1-minute to 1-month intervals. You can also view up to 21 different timeframes simultaneously. This flexibility makes it easy to track price movements and identify trading opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Fundamental Analysis: MT5 provides a range of fundamental analysis tools, including an integrated Economic Calendar. This calendar helps you keep up-to-date with important news events, market reactions, and forecasts.
  • Enhanced Indicators and Analytical Instruments: MT5 comes with a comprehensive set of indicators and analytical instruments, including 38 fundamental indicators, 22 insightful tools, and 46 graphic objects. These tools can help you make informed trading decisions.
  • Diverse Execution Modes: MT5 offers both instant and market execution. This provides traders with the flexibility to place orders in the way that best suits their trading style.
  • In-Depth Level 2 Quotes: MT5 includes Level 2 quotes, which provide traders with a deep insight into market depth and its underlying dynamics. This information can be used to identify trading opportunities and improve decision-making.
  • Adaptive Trailing Stop: MT5’s trailing stop functionality allows you to automatically adjust your stop loss as the market moves in your favor. This can help you protect your profits and reduce your risk.

These features make Exness MT5 an indispensable resource for traders of all levels of experience.


How do I create an account on the Exness platform?

To create an account on Exness, visit their website and click on the “Open Account” button. Complete the registration form with your details and click on the “Submit” button.

How do I access my Personal Area?

Your Personal Area is where you can manage your account, view your trading history, and make deposits and withdrawals. To access your Personal Area, log in to your Exness account using your registered email address and password.

Why do I need to confirm my identity and address?

Confirming your identity and address is a regulatory requirement that is designed to prevent fraudulent activities and money laundering. Exness will require you to provide proof of identity and address in order to verify your account.

What are the different types of trading accounts available?

Exness offers a variety of trading accounts to meet the needs of different traders. These accounts include Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, and Zero accounts.

How do I deposit funds into my account?

You can deposit funds into your Exness account through a variety of methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. To deposit funds, go to the “Deposit” section of your Personal Area and follow the provided instructions.

How do I access Exness MT5 with my login details?

To access Exness MT5, open the platform on your device and click on the “File” menu. Select the “Login to Trade Account” option and enter your Exness account number and password.

How do I execute my first order?

To execute your first order, select the instrument you wish to trade and right-click on it. Select the “New Order” option from the context menu and follow the prompts in the “Order” window.

Leverage up to 1:Unlimited
Maximum leverage is up to 1:Unlimited at Exness.